The rest is still unwritten.

My Background

Erika M. Dietrick was born and raised in rural Georgetown, Ohio. Frequent moves eventually led her family of six to settle in Wilson, North Carolina in 2010. She graduated from Hunt High School in 2012 and enrolled in the East Carolina University Honors College that same year. College was a welcome gateway to a plethora of opportunities: Erika studied abroad in Argentina, published writing in ECU's Rebel all 4 years, conducted research on an endangered plant species (Cooley's meadowrue), and received ECU's most prestigious award, the Robert H. Wright Award, among many other eye-opening experiences. In 2016, she was the first woman in her family to graduate from college. Erika spent the next 6 months in Maryland and Washington D.C. working as an intern and then marketing assistant (contract) for National Geographic. Alongside her entrepreneurial and literary endeavors, Erika currently works at ECU's University Writing Center while taking classes toward her MBA. Her projects are her passions, but she also enjoys traveling, playing sports, and beating her family and boyfriend at board games. 

My Mission

As a creative, critical thinker, I strive to create solutions to problems in the local and global community through the arts and sciences. My passion, thirst for learning, and entrepreneurial spirit have no limits. 

My current projects include leading my Greenville, NC-based photography business Pirate Portraits, writing a science-fiction novel, managing the Adulting After College blog, and developing a (temporarily) secret scientific enterprise.